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If you have ever considered an investment in precious metals, the two metals that likely first came to mind were both gold and silver. Gold and silver are great metals for investing, but one that many people forget is platinum.

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Platinum coins are gaining popularity amongst both collectors and investors, and buying them has never been easier. Thanks to countless online dealers of precious metals, fulfilling your platinum coin needs is faster, simpler, and safer than it ever has before. The purpose of this article is to explain the various benefits that can be derived from a purchase of platinum coins online.

Free Shipping

One of the first and most sought after benefits of purchasing platinum coins online is the fact that most sites offer free shipping for certain orders. As you are well aware, precious metals tend to weight quite a bit and as your order gets bigger, so too does the shipping costs that are determined by the weight of the metal you are having shipped.

On almost any reputable precious metals dealer’s website, orders over a certain dollar amount will merit free shipping. Though this may seem like a trick to get you to spend more, those who are planning on making a sizable investment in platinum coins can easily understand the possible hundreds of dollars in shipping costs that free shipping saves them from spending.

Do not simply assume a site offers free shipping on large orders, this is something that should be verified well before you ever make a purchase.

Tax Free

If you live in certain parts of the United States, you know that taxes on purchases can make what originally looked like a deal into something far from it. This means that if you are attempting to purchase platinum coins at a brick and mortar dealer of precious metals, the larger the investment the more taxes you will be expected to pay. For example, if you plan on spending $5,000 on platinum in an area with 6% sales tax, your bottom line that you are expected to pay will be far above $5,000. In fact, taxes in this hypothetical scenario will end up making your purchase of platinum coins $300 more than you originally anticipated.

Online purchases of platinum coins carry with them no taxes, and apart from shipping costs that you may incur, your bottom line price is your bottom line price. The amount of money you can save by purchasing platinum coins online as opposed to a brick and mortar dealer is probably a lot more than you would have ever thought.

JM Bullion

Now that you have been made aware of a few of the benefits able to be realized by purchasing platinum coins online, you are probably wondering where you should go to make a purchase.

One of the best, most complete online resources for platinum coins is JM Bullion. Though they are a relatively new company, they handle themselves and their business as though they were a seasoned veteran. With a large selection of platinum coins that is being added to all the time, there are few places better than JM to purchase your coins.

If you have any questions or concerns, no need to fret because JM Bullion’s experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly customer service staff will be there to address any and all questions you might have. Their site is organized in a user-friendly format and makes completing an order faster than just about any other site.

Perhaps the most attractive quality behind the way that JM Bullion is run lies in the fact that they have no minimum ordering requirement. This is unlike a large majority of other precious metals dealers who sometimes require you to spend thousands of dollars just to be able to buy from them. Go check out JM Bullion’s site for yourself and I am confident that you will quickly realize what you have been missing out on.